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Like in every other aspect of her life, Cordelia found another way to express her creativity through her HOME decor line.  As a result of that, a talented graphic and industrial design team was assembled to create collections with the 100% HealthyCorde seal of approval.

The first product created entirely by HealthyCorde HOME was the set of plates called BICHOS, which Cordelia considers nature's clowns and with whom she has had a very special connection since she was little and now she captures them with her unique and daring style in 6 works of art turned into plates.

This collection and those to come will be limited pieces to give exclusivity to the work.

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Cordelia was inspired by the moments of anguish and anxiety she experienced during her school days due to her dyslexia and attention deficit to create her second collection, EYES. The confusing and blurry letters represent the panic she felt for always being one step behind her “normal” classmates during class, but even in that whirlwind of feelings that worried her, she always looked for a way to think about things that made her happy, and this is what’s captured within each Eye. Previously she saw her learning differences as an obstacle, today she sees them as a strength and superpower. They are the creative force that leads her to design beautiful things. The goal of these plates is to inspire people to look beyond appearances and embrace the beauty of the imperfect.

You can use all HealthyCorde designs together or individually to bring life and color to your table. 

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The HealthyCorde MUG is the first piece of the permanent HealthyCorde HOME line.

This mug was created to accompany you every day, whether in the mornings or afternoons with a coffee, tea or even a cup of cereal, the idea is to surround yourself with things that create a spark of joy in your routine.

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Bichos Mugs were created to complement the Bichos dinnerware or to be used individually.

We know that for everyone, one of the favorite moments of the day is when we have coffee or tea after a meal or dinner. A mini work of art to accompany you in a moment of peace and tranquility.

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