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HealthyCorde HOME was born in the midst of the 2020 pandemic when a friend of Corde presented her with a problem faced by a group of Mexican Artisans who had been left without work due to COVID. Together, they decided that the best way to support them was by giving them work, so they took the task of designing a new more modern line of "artesanías" targeting the new generations with the goal of sharing the great talent of our artisans throughout Mexico and the United States.

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Cordelia found another way to express her creativity through this new Home Decor line. Soon after, a talented graphic and industrial design team was created to design collections that represented what HealthyCorde was. 

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The 1st product created entirely by HealthyCorde HOME is the dinnerware set called BICHOS. Through this product, Cordelia captures her unique and daring style into 6 mini works of art turned into a plates.

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