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HealthyCorde Editorial (HealthyCorde's publishing house) was born in 2021 after Cordelia Garza returns to Mexico after living in the US for 10 years and discovers a huge area of ​​opportunity to help normalize and better understand the complexity behind mental health. Since these topics are not usually discussed or addressed openly out of fear of rejection, bullying or embarrassment, Cordelia made it one of her missions to raise awareness over this topic.

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“The mind is a fundamental part of our being and like all of our other organs, it requires attention, which has to be provided with the greatest normalcy in the world.”

- Cordelia Garza

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With this mission in mind, Cordelia decides to start a Health & Wellness line that brings information, testimonies and outsider knowledge to empower those who are suffering and help build empathy and awareness among the community. This Health & Wellness line shares stories of real people that have overcome difficult situations becoming strong and amazing humans from which we can all learn.

The first book was released September 2022 with the story of Patricio Gutiérrez, a young man that falls into alcoholism and drug addiction and what led him to leave that life to save his life and fight for a better future. A book full of emotions, will power, personal commitment and an invaluable spirit of hope.
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